Individual Therapy

Who are you at your core? If you’re not sure, it’s time to anchor with your inner truth. Getting what you want out of life begins with knowing what you want. Knowing what you want begins with knowing who you are. Societal expectations, the influence of well-meaning family and friends, the eclipse of romantic relationships, and work pressures can all distort your clarity. Faith will help you get past all the external noise to hear the quiet voice within.

One-on-one sessions are a perfect forum for personal breakthroughs.

Sometimes the effects of past experiences, like childhood wounds, romantic break-ups or traumatic memories, continue to influence how you feel in the present. When this is the case, it makes sense to address those issues, heal those hurts, and resolve those feelings so they don’t continue to affect you in the future.  Faith can help you clear those obstacles, and when indicated, administer an EMDR.

Other times, it’s not productive to delve deeply into the past. What’s needed is attention to the present and/or immediate future. Maybe you’re going through a rough patch at work or in your relationship. Perhaps you need a little parenting coaching or find yourself in a stage of life transition. Regardless of what brings you in, Faith orients towards your goals and honors your preferences throughout the process. If you feel like you just need a tune-up, you may be right. Even the healthiest, heartiest, most high-functioning of humans can benefit from the gift of therapy. Faith will meet you where you are, wherever that may be.

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