When indicated, Faith may administer an EMDR with clients for whom it’s well suited. EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing, although the process does not hinge on eye movement as it did in the early stages of development. Research shows that bilateral stimulation is really the key to its effectiveness, which can also be done with sound and touch. The common, more comfortable approach,often utilized today, that Faith employs involves hearing alternating tones through headphones while small sensors, held in each hand, vibrate alternately.

EMDR is unique because both sides of the brain are active during treatment, which often creates impressive results. Research on this technique makes EMDR a sought-after therapeutic tool. Proven effective in healing traumas of all types and degrees of intensity as well as phobias, anxiety, and persistent triggers, EMDR is an efficient treatment that can really affect change. Faith is a certified EMDR clinician with years of experience and positive outcomes.

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