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It’s almost inevitable that a relationship will run into a rough patch, if not several. Why? Because each individual is not only a highly complex human being with infinite depth, they’re also constantly growing and changing. When two or more individuals come together, partners have to adapt to the evolving other, which continuously shifts how things work as a whole. Sometimes partners grow at different times, at different paces, or in totally different directions. With time and understanding, mutual growth often leads to an even better relationship. Although no outcome is expected or guaranteed, anything is possible.

Faith’s approach to healthy relationships involves an idea she calls Authentic Autonomy. This term refers to each individual’s ability to know themselves, take responsibility for their own fulfillment, and live in alignment with their inner truth, even in the context of the relationship. This removes the notion that the other is responsible for one’s happiness, while adding a healthy measure of freedom, flexibility, and respect.

Faith offers a non-judgmental, open-minded, respectful approach to therapy. All love styles are welcome, at every stage of the relationship. If you’re looking for a creative solution, Faith may be the right therapist for you.

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Polyamorous Clients

Opening up isn’t easy, isn’t talked about, and often isn’t socially accepted. So how do people do it? Many figure it out as they go, through trial and error. Others find communities of support. At any point, they may also choose to consult with a non-judgmental therapist like Faith. Creative and open-minded, Faith understands the pros and cons of non-monogamy. As threatening and overwhelming as an open arrangement may seem, it also has the potential to offer unique rewards and invigorate both individuals and partnerships.

If you’re exploring the possibility of opening up your partnership, experiencing challenges navigating a more inclusive and multi-faceted love life, or maintaining a polyamorous lifestyle, Faith can help. She is experienced with monogomish, non-monogamous, poly, and monogamous couples and respects all points on the spectrum and the fluidity that follows. Faith offers relief from the confusion, secrecy and complexity of issues such as shifting perspectives, fairness, jealousy, parenting, communication, compersion, disclosure, and agreements. Change is constant, in life and relationships, and creative solutions are the key.

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