Pandemic Stress

No doubt, your life has changed radically in recent weeks. We’re all being forced to adapt to the far reaching consequences of the global pandemic. If you’re fortunate enough to stay healthy, you’re left to cope with your usual routine, outlets and plans being tossed out the window. The effects of Covid-19 are far reaching and there are many new stressors being introduced, no matter who you are:

  • Students of all ages are being educated at home rather than on school campuses, isolated from peers.
  • Single adults may feel lonely, sequestered without a household of family to keep them company.
  • Couples may feel relationship problems surfacing under the pressure of constant contact as they work from home.
  • Parents are adjusting to relentless full-time child care.
  • Elders are facing loneliness—as their social network is forced to keep a distance.
  • People sick with the virus are not allowed the healing comfort of loving visitors.
  • Healthcare and other workers may be knowingly putting themselves at risk of exposure.
  • Many have lost jobs or fear losing them in a time of economic uncertainty.
  • The news is feeding a climate of fear.

If you’re affected by a situation like this, or any other related to the current state of affairs, it’s a great idea to seek help. Can you sneak to a corner of your home for a confidential conversation that allows you to really explore how this is affecting you and learn ways to cope? Many of our usual sources of self-care have been cut off. Remote therapy sessions are one way you can still take care of yourself. You may experience grief, worry, fear, sadness and confusion mixed with glimmers of optimism, humor, love and hope. In unpredictable times, it’s wise to have professional support you can depend on, through all the ups and downs.

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