Male Clients

Ever heard it said, “Men don’t like to talk about their feelings?” Well, just in case there’s some truth to it, it’s good to know there’s a therapist interested in putting you at ease, to the extent that you might begin to enjoy it. Many of Faith’s male clients have expressed relief that the process of psychotherapy feels surprisingly good.

Maybe it’s not in your nature to ask for help. Or maybe you’re so busy managing someone else’s emotions that you’ve lost touch with your own. If you’re asking yourself, “Who has time for this shit, anyway?” you’re probably so consumed with all that’s expected of you, you can’t fathom adding another thing. Given the pressures that today’s men face, the reluctance to crowd an already busy schedule is understandable. However, taking some time for yourself can improve your performance, enhance your relationships, and make you feel good. Faith offers a safe, confidential space to address your concerns, so you can be free of internal obstacles that might be holding you back.

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