Bisexual Clients

While the B in LGBT stands for bisexual, many who identify as such feel invisible. This very real, if not very visible population has been misrepresented and marginalized, even in the context of so-called LGBT-friendly circles. That kind of social isolation can make it scary to open up about one’s sexuality. Faith understands this roadblock, and she’s committed to making people of all orientations feel comfortable, acknowledged, and respected on their path.

Experienced with clients who identify as bi, Faith understands the complex challenges they may face. She welcomes and affirms clients who love others based on who they are, regardless of gender. Whether you’re somewhat bi-curious, you’ve been bisexual for as long as you can remember, or find yourself on the spectrum somewhere in between, you can feel comfortable addressing your sexuality and relationship issues with Faith, who offers a non-judgmental, open-minded, inclusive approach to therapy. In the safe space of her office, you can explore freely without being stereotyped or misunderstood. Relax- you found yourself a bi-savvy therapist.

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