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A licensed psychotherapist (MFT) with two M.A. degrees, Faith has been seeing clients in the San Francisco Bay Area, since 2009. Prior to pursuing her professional passion, Faith was an advertising writer at several San Francisco ad agencies. She’s also the mother of 2 children and the published author of two books. Her official credentials, as well as her life experience and street cred, give her a unique ability to understand and help you gain clarity, peace, and more of what you want in life.

Faith was born in Denver, CO and raised in Omaha, NE. She went to college at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C., graduate school at The University of Texas in Austin, TX, and again in Palo Alto, CA at The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. After a peak experience in Golden Gate Park on a visit to San Francisco, Faith chose California as her home base. Now seeing clients in Santa Barbara, CA, she can help you create the life you want—from the inside out.

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A safe space to open up, get in touch with yourself, and reclaim your truth.

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See Faith's Office
See Faith's Office
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