Do you have a good life but know it could be even better? Maybe things are going well in many areas for you, while other unfinished business holds you back. Even high performance go-getters need a little help sometimes. Whether you’re experiencing unhealthy patterns in your love life, the persistent effects of old wounds from your past, career challenges, existential anxiety, or just general stress, psychotherapy is a tried-and-true path to peace. When you do your inner work, your outer experience and interactions improve, too.

In a safe, comfortable, confidential space, Faith offers nonjudgmental expertise to assist motivated individuals to find clarity, create satisfying relationships, and attain goals. Schedule a free phone consultation as a first step to soothing your heart and mind.

An experienced psychotherapist, Faith also holds certifications in Spiritual Guidance and Creative Expression. She’s also trained and skilled in applying specific modalities such as EMDR, meditation and The Enneagram.

Faith welcomes people of all genders and sexual orientations, and she’s particularly experienced with putting male clients at ease and making sure bisexual clients feel seen and understood in her practice.


MFT License # 92539